Locally Made Gifts, Gourmet Food and Fine Wine in the Heart of Oregon Wine Country!

Welcome to our Wine Room

Along with our handmade local gifts, we also have a wine room full of hand-picked boutique wines for you to enjoy! Owner and Founder of NW Food & Gifts, James Tate, has been in the wine industry for over 22 years, and has spent this time curating a unique selection of gourmet wines that is broad enough to satisfy even the toughest of critics while staying true to the character of our wine here in Oregon. We are proud to support our local wineries, and believe you will be thrilled with what you'll find in our wine room.  

When we find wine we love, we want you to try it too! In order to ensure that our clients get the best possible selection and fresh new flavors, we keep our wine room stocked with a new rotation of wines regularly, and our weekly tasting selections are always different. Currently in store you'll find:

♦ Archer Vineyard ♦ Artisanal Wine Cellars ♦ Ayres ♦ Brick House ♦ Broadley Vineyards ♦ Copper Belt ♦ Denison Cellars ♦ Evesham Wood ♦ Fausse Piste ♦ Communique ♦ Harper Voit ♦ Idiot's Grace ♦ Justine Avennia ♦ Lady Hill ♦ Lumos ♦ Libra ♦ Rich Table ♦ North Valley ♦ Patricia Green ♦ Planet Oregon ♦ Procedo ♦ Brooks ♦ Terrapin ♦ Remy Wines ♦ Ribbon Ridge Vineyard ♦ Fairsing ♦ Shea Wine Cellars ♦ Soos Creek ♦ Springhill Cellars ♦ Stafford Hill ♦ Tabula Rasa ♦ Tero Estates ♦ Three Wives ♦ Furioso ♦ Trust ♦ Wahle Vineyards and Cellars ♦ Watermill ♦

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